Being fantastic means being yourself.

Being fantastic means being yourself. Being a stylist is equal parts technique, talent and ambition. Bring yours to the Fantastic Sams system, where new ideas are the livelihood of our growing system. Being on the cutting edge of hair care means embracing the creative energy and collaboration that springs from a rich, vibrant mix of diverse and varied opinions. Bring your best ideas and there’s no limit to where your talent can take you.

All salons are franchised and independently owned and operated.

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Our Philosophy

We are driven by a simple philosophy. Give our guests the best hair care experience at the most reasonable price. Our stylists don’t just care for your hair, they also care about your preferences.
Which is why you will always get a consult with your stylist and always get the best products to achieve your hair care goals.

Best Quality

“At Fantastic Salon & Spa quality of products and quality of service both are paramount. Customer comfort and experience stem from providing best quality products and services.”